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Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires was the birthplace of the Argentine Tango and remains the heart of the artform. Every form of Tango and every activity related to the dance and music can be found in great variety in Buenos Aires. Take a look at the Tango in BA Introduction for further information on the history of the dance in this city.

Tango Clubs:
Buenos Aires has dozens of tango dance clubs and milongas that are probably just around the corner from where you live. Every night a night of dancing pleasure awaits you. For complete information on club locations, dates and times go to the BA Milonga Section.

Tango Shows:
A number of restaurants and theaters in Buenos Aires specialize in entertaining their customers with beautiful and professional tango shows. Enjoy a meal or drinks and watch breathtaking performances.

Tango Group Classes:
There are a number of excellent group classes that are offered in Buenos Aires. Take a class when it is convenient since most classes do not require a scheduled commitment.

Tango Culture:
Buenos Aires and Tango are so intertwined that there is a complete tango sub-culture that is found in many parts of the city. There are tango museums and restaurants, and tango is found in magazines, movies and even television and radio stations.